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ESTÜ erinäituse programm / ESA Samoyed Spetcialty Show program

08:30 Sissepääs näitusele / Entry to the showground

10:00 Hindamise algus / Start of judging

Beebikutsikad / Babypuppies – 4

Parim beebikutsikas / Best babypuppy

Isased (juunior-, noorte-, ava-, tšempion-, veteranklass) / Dogs (junior, intermediate, open, champion, veteran class) – 22

Parima isase valimine / Best dog selection

Paus 10 minutit / Break 10 minutes

Emased (juunior-, noorte-, ava-, tšempion-, veteranklass) / Bitches (junior, intermediate, open, champion, veteran class)  – 31

Parima emase valimine / Best bitch selection

Laps ja koer / Child and dog 

Kasvatajaklass / Breeder’s class – 3

Paarid / Braces – 1

Parima liikuja valimine / Selecting the Best Mover

Parima ilme valimine / Selecting the Best Expression

Tõu parim veteran / Best of breed Veteran

Vanim veteran / The Oldest Veteran

Tõu parim juuniori / Best of Breed Junior

Tõu parim/ Best of Breed

Samoyed Specialty Show


Viimsi Black Box Studio (Rohuneeme tee 1/7, Haabneeme, 74001 Harju maakond)

Show starts at 10.00, doors open at 8.30

Organizers: Estonian Samoyed Association

Judge: Matti Tuominen


NB! The show committee reserves the right to change judges if necessary.

The show is registered in the Estonian Kennel Union’s show calendar.


Competition classes:

Baby class: dogs 4-6 months old. Best of Breed Baby will be chosen.

Puppy class: dogs 7-9 months old. Best of Breed Puppy will be chosen.

Junior class: dogs 9-18 months old. Will compete for JUN CAC, title of Best of Breed Junior and Best of Breed.

Intermediate class: dogs 15-24 months. Will compete for CAC and Best of Breed.

Open class: dogs over 15 months. Will compete for CAC and Best of Breed.

Working class: dogs over 15 months. Will compete for CAC and Best of Breed.

Champion class: dogs over 15 months. Will compete for CAC and Best of Breed.

Veteran class: dogs over 8 years. Will compete for VET CAC, title of Best of Breed Veteran and Best of Breed.

Breeder class: 3-5 dogs of the same breed from one breeder. Dogs must come from at least two different combinations of stud-male and bitch and be over 9 months of age. All the dogs in the class must have received at least ‘very good’ at the given show in quality judging. The Best Breeder’s Class is selected.

Progeny class: 3-5 offspring of a stud male or female. The offspring must come from at least two different combinations of stud-male and bitch, be over 9 months of age and must have received at least ‘very good’ at the given show in quality judging. The Best Progeny Class of the Breed is selected.

Brace competition: two dogs, male and female, from the same breed belonging to the same owner, presented by one handler. Both dogs must be over 9 months old. Both dogs must have been entered to the show and must have received a minimum grade of “very good”.


Additional competitions for the best expression and the best mover (contestants will be chosen by the judge during judging).

NB! On February  16th 2020, the Tallinn International CACIB-show is held, so you have a chance to get two CAC-s and a CACIB on one weekend.

Entry Dates and fees

The registration fee for the first dog includes the cost of the show catalogue.


Registration fees



Baby, puppy or veteran belonging to a member of ESTÜ

20 EUR

30 EUR

Dog belonging to a member of ESTÜ

30 EUR

40 EUR

Baby, puppy or veteran belonging to a nonmember of ESTÜ

 30 EUR

40 EUR

Dog belonging to a nonmember of ESTÜ

40 EUR

50 EUR

Brace, breeder and progeny class;

Child and dog competition

10 EUR

10 EUR

Veterans over 10 years old



The age of the dog is set on the day of the show i.e. the day the dog participates in the show.

To place an advertisement in the show catalogue, the fee is 15 EUR

NB! The sender must cover all the expenses connected with the payments.


Please attach a copy of the registration certificate, copies of the championship diplomas and/or working trial certificate (except for dogs in the Finnish and Estonian registries) as well as a copy of the receipt to the entry form. UNLESS THESE DOCUMENTS ARE PROVIDED THE DOG WILL NOT BE REGISTERED.


INFO:  +372 5153364 Ulvi Koov (EST, RUS),  +372 5225669 Margit Oja (EST, ENG)


                by mail: ESA Samoyed Specialty Show, Oru 12, Tallinn 10127, Estonia

                by e-mail:

Registration fees by wire transfer to:

                Bank account number (SEB bank) 10220060700013

                IBAN: EE59 1010 2200 6070 0013

                BIC: EEUHEE2X

                Eesti Samojeedide Tõuühing MTÜ


Requirements for participants:

All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies (at the most 3 months of age) and plague of dogs (at least two times).  Recurrent vaccinations must be performed as per instructions of the vaccine but no more than 24 months apart. All dogs must be identifiable by tattoo or ID-chip.



WSM 2019 summary!

WSM 2019  – we still do not have enough words do describe it all…
Years of work resulted with amazing 4 days that passed like a blink of an eye.
We feel empty at the moment as all the people have left. Many of you have already arrived back home, when some are still on their way 🚗✈️ BUT our hearts are filled with total happiness, love, unforgettable emotions & feelings 😍And of course gratitude towards you all! 💞

We would like to thank:
🌸Our wonderful JUDGES, who spent long and busy days in the showring giving valuable feedback about our four-legged smiling participants.
Thank you Janet Ainscow (AU), Tuula Pratt (FI), Penny Roberts (UK), Katarzyna & Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL).
🌸 Our good SUPPORTERS (list below) and our main sponsor DAGSMARK, who made sure, that we can offer only the best of the best to our participants.
🌸 Our lovely PARTICIPANTS from all over the world 🌎 You, who you took the journey from near and far, to come together for this weekend. For your always positive attitude that made these days a quality time among wonderful samoyed people
🌸 Our white and fluffy FOUR-LEGGED SAMOYED PARTICIPANTS 🐶without who we couldn’t have had those very emotional and unforgettable two show days.
🌸 The members of our little WSM 2019 ORGANIZING TEAM, who made all of this to happen from level zero – from brainstorming to reality.
🌸 All the LECTURERS, PERFORMERS AND SPEAKERS who led the programs during the daytime and evenings.
🌸 All our wonderful and positive VOLUNTEERS AND ALL OTHER SAMOYED PEOPLE who supported us during this adventure and without who this all couldn’t be possible!

We love you all to the moon and back 💖 and we are looking forward meeting you again at WSM in Slovakia in 2022! 🇸🇰 And of course we hope to see you at Estonian Samoyed specialty show already in February 2020! 🇪🇪

Warmest regards,
WSM 2019 organizing team

✨”Coming together is beginning. Staying together is process. But working together makes up the success!” ✨

Thank you:

Our sponsors and supporters:
Pet City
Kadi Koertesalong
Award Studio
Mõmmi Limonaad
Päts Sahver
Kommi asemel
Alaska Malamuutide Liit
Lõuna-Eesti Koertekeskus
Greete Rüütmann
Aike & Ardi Traumann
Aili Piirikivi
Reet & Väino Kaldoja
Kristin Reinsoo, Raili Raag – Reinsoo, Olav Reinsoo
Raili Roos-Joon
Greete & Veiko Raun
Ulvi & Rein Koov
Margit Oja
Seija Kärkkäinen
Kevin Siivelt
Enn Laur
Mari Nõmmemaa
Eda Annus
Natalja Beljajeva
Elo Malmberg
Katrin & Margus Oinits
Luule & Ulve Horeb
And all the people who donated some wonderful and special items to the auction
Estonian Kennel Club – Lea Aljas, Terje Erdmann & Inga Tomson

Piret Mikk & Hardy Voites – Inox-DM

Prizes were made by:
Estonian University of Art – Gerti-Carmen Tein, Kristiina Uslar
Kadrioru Savituba – Triin Tomingas

Conference lectors:
Tuula Pratt
Kati Ernits
Päivi Ruotanen – Genoscoper
Ülle Kell
Triin Jagomägi
Kristiine Uspenski

The location:
Sagadi Manor – Iiris Tooma-Kaljuvee, Ain Kütt
Vihula Manor – Dina Kivi
Palmse Manor – Tiia Laidla

Siim Kinnas Fotowärk
Ivi-Triin Vahera Photography
Kertu Oder Photography

Eva-Maria Tommula

National evening was led by:
Peep Raun
Maarja Aas

Performers during the evenings:
Estonian ethnic folk dance group Leigarid
Maria Korepanova 
Richard Raun 

WSM 2019 working group:
Ulvi Koov

Greete Raun
Margit Oja
Kristin Reinsoo
Maarja Kalma
Helve Malmsaar
Raili Roos-Joon
Kirsika Joon
Richard Raun 
Imbi Lagle
Aili Piirikivi
Maarja Aas
Siim Kinnas
Eero Lagle

Veiko Raun
Piret Kannussaar
Anett-Maria Reinas
Karen Dunaway
Kadi-Liis Säre
Karl Jakob Vibur
Mathias Lantin
Laur Vallikivi
Kirke Piirikivi
Richard Liis

Ringworkers during the shows:
Monika Normann
Mari Joamets
Monica Merima
Anne Heinla 

Laur Vallikivi – ethnologist

Movie “Brigade”: 
Liivo Niglas – ethnologist

Viivo Võlu — kohas nimega Sagadi Manor.

Call for action to all Samoyed clubs and associations, breeders, owners and fans around the globe!

You have the possibility to introduce yourself in the introductory brochure of WSM 2019.

And even more – all the clubs will have their own table for sharing their own introductory material and items from your homeclub.

Last, but definitely not least! All of you have the extraordinary possibility to contribute to success of this special event.

You have the possibility to award all the classes or give out the special prizes with the awards from your club.

Let’s make our award table together even more special and international!

All the guidelines you will find from the following form.

The registration to the WSM2019 Estonia is opened!

Welcome, all Samoyed people – breeders, owners, judges, fan club!

We will focus on the history, the present and the future of Samoyeds. We all share a common interest – we care deeply about the wellbeing of the breed. During the WSM will have many interesting discussions, meet many old friends and get to know many new friends, and last but not least – we gonna have fun! 🙂

All accommodation should be booked through the Estonian Samoyed Association using the <online registration> form.

WSM 2019 Estonia agenda

[Updated on July 30th, 2019]

 Thursday, August 8th  Arrival day

  • 18.00 – 21.00 Meet&Greet, Buffet Dinner

Friday, August 9th

  • 9.00 – 17.00 ESA Samoyed Specialty Show 2019, judges Janet Ainscow (AU) and Tuula Pratt (FI)
  • 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
  • 19.00 – 22.00 Buffet Dinner, a summary of the day from the judges, live music

Saturday, August 10th

  • 9.00 – 17.00 Euro Samoyed Show 2019, judges Penny Roberts (UK) and Katarzyna Dziuba (PL) and Speciality Show for Group V sections 1-3, judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL)
  • 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
  • 19.00 – 23.00 National Evening. Folk music and dances, Estonian cuisine, auction, lottery

Sunday, August 11th

  • 9.30 – 17.00 Conference – Samoyed: history, present and future / Detailed program and speakers will be informed later on
  • 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.30 – 16.00 Clubs booths/stands and different workshops
  • 19.00-21-00 Buffet Dinner

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